Architecture Components

Vinchin Backup & Recovery architecture components are listed as follows, please read the explanations of each component and decide which component(s) should be used to build your Vinchin backup infrastructure. If needed, you can contact Vinchin Support for more information.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery Server

Vinchin Backup & Recovery Server (hereinafter called Vinchin server) is the main component. It’s an all-in-one solution component which provides all data protection functionalities and also management web console to manage the backup infrastructure.

In most cases, a single Vinchin backup server deployment can fulfil the small and medium environment data protection needs.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery Node

Vinchin Backup & Recovery Node (hereinafter called Vinchin node) is an optional component.

Vinchin node is used to expand Vinchin backup infrastructure to support backing up large-scale virtual environments. When there are more than 200 VMs or more than 50 terabyte of production data to be backed up, users can consider deploying Vinchin backup node to accelerate the data protection process.

Except backing up large-scale virtual environments, Vinchin node can be also deployed in ROBO (Remote Office/Branch Office) with a Vinchin server deployed in HQ to achieve unified data protection with a single web console.

Vinchin node has built-in data protection functionalities but it does not have a web console, it will be centrally managed from the web console of a Vinchin server.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery Proxy

Vinchin Backup & Recovery Proxy (hereinafter called Vinchin proxy) is an optional component.

Vinchin proxy is dedicated for VMware virtual platform, it utilizes the HotAdd technology of the ESXi server for efficient VM backup.

If you plan to backup your VMware virtual platform through LAN, and your Vinchin server is installed outside the ESXi cluster, you can choose to install a Vinchin proxy VM on the ESXi cluster for implementation of HotAdd transmission.

If you plan to install Vinchin server as a VM on the ESXi cluster, then Vinchin proxy installation is not required, because the backup proxy functionality is already built-in on the Vinchin server VM.

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